Dr. Dre Headphones-a Wholly New Present Offered by Monster

Published: 12th October 2011
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Before the Age of the Walkman came along and revolutionized them in the 1980s, headphones were big and clunky. In those bygone days, headphones were stay at home things, relegated to late-night, LP music listening. That was then ; the latest generation of slimmed-down headphones injects high resolution music or home-theater sound directly into your ears. However, when it comes to headphones, there are lots of different products to choose from. Of all the headphones of various styles that I have ever used, they tend to always have one thing in commonlack of bass. Monster announced a set of headphones at CES back in January called Dr. Dre Headphones that promised to bring new technology and a new level of sound quality to consumer earphones.
At CES Monster didnt give a clear idea of when the headphones would be available, but it did say they would retail for slightly under $ 400. That price is a serious chunk of change for headphones. Monster has announced that the Dr. Dre headphones will be available starting July 25 at the Apple store, Best Buy and from Beatsbydre.com.
Monster has reduced the price of the headphones by $ 50, bringing the MSRP to $ 349.95. For that much coin you get audiophile quality sound including deep bass and clear vocals that allow listeners to get all the nuances of their music just as producers hear in the studio, says Monster. Dr. Dre Headphones use new materials a digital amp, and extra large drivers. The Beats headphones will also include a Monster iSoniTalk headphone cable that allows the headphones to answer, end and mute calls on music enabled phones like the iPhone and Blackberry.
According to the musician deductive way of completely music experience, Dr. Dre Headphones adopt elaborate design and show all the details of digital music, including hip hop, R&B rock and popular music with high sound speed. With the advanced speaker design, power amplifier and active noise reduction function, Dr. Dre Headphones can deduce the powerful sound, transparent tone and heavy bass that the top musicians and producers want to show today.
As to the disadvantages, Dr. Dre Headphones only get common wearing comfort, as the weight is not Very light (relatively to the SA5000), and the ventilation is not enough, which would make wearer feel too hot especially in summer. However, the two leather pads are very soft, so wearer do n't feel tightly. The other disadvantage is the requirement of two AAA batteries for each set as Dr. Dre Headphones are Active noise reduction ones.
Totally speaking, with so many details, transparent sound, prominent human voice, shock LRC low frequency and easy driving program, Dr. Dre Headphones show us a grand music world and the technology itself is a revolution in the developing process of headphone industry.

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